LP: Boogarins – Sombrou Duvida


This LP I got at Off Festival 2019 in august. I caught guys at the backstage and asked if they had any merchandise with them. Excited, they led me to their cool van and opened the trunk – tons of cds, LPs and t-shirts in every colour literally flooded on the grass. They simply didn’t get the info that Offf Festival has its own merch shop where they can also sell what they’d brought, so we had plenty to choose from. My Dad and his wife, my little sister and their friend were waiting outside the backstage gate, while me and Klara were chatting with the band, taking pictures and choosing t-shirts. When I told them that more fans are waiting outside, they wanted to meet them too. So we went there, took more pictures, laughed and exchanged contacts. What a cool guys they are!

As a gift for our interest in their music and buying half of the merchandise, we got posters with a special dedication:

Never be afraid to ask the band if they have merchandise with them!

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