Courtesy of Signe Luksengard

No Earplugs

Hello world!

My name is Malwina Witkowska and I am the founder of No Earplugs. It is a complex creature and a project of my lifetime, which I intend to develop. No Earplugs is a booking agency for my musical heroes, both Norwegian and international artists within jazz.. but honestly there are no limits when it comes to genres or styles – my artists represent jazz, free jazz, through improv, avant-garde, but also a pinch of hip-hop, grindcore or influence from traditional music from Asia and Africa. Their music keep me up at night, make me dance, smile, sometimes even shed a tear, but mostly set my heart and soul on fire! I hope it will do the same to you. No Earplugs is also a blog filled with reviews of amazing concerts I’ve attended, funny stories from backstage about meeting my favourite musicians all around the world.

It all started with my very first booking for my Dad’s 50th birthday in June 2019 – a uniqe duo of Ingebrigt Håker Flaten and Fredrik Ljungkvist. This weekend was unforgettable, not only for my Dad, but also for our whole family. Imagine organising a private concert with two of your favourite musicians, which also played together in duo for the first time! (detailed account up on my blog HERE). What is more, you can also listen to the concert and buy our exclusive recording on Bandcamp. The idea of booking my favourite artists grew more and more inside me, and I continued with my beloved group – The Young Mothers who scheduled a European tour in November 2019. I had never seen them live before, and they had never played in Poland before, so I thought I might as well try to book them one extra gig in my homecountry on their fall tour. And guess what? I did it! They played at amazing Polish jazz festival – Cracow Jazz Autumn at Alchemia. What a fantastic feeling to see a filled up club with music fans, waiting excited for the concert that you had booked. And the best part was when someone campe up to me after the show and thanked med for bringing The Young Mothers to Poland. Of course you will find a full account of the concert and my two-day stay in Cracow with the band right HERE.

This series of events naturally guided me to establish No Earplugs. It is a booking agency and a blog, and we will see what the future brings! I am working with my musical heroes and amazing artists I adored sitting in the audience not so long ago. Now I got to meet them and work with them, which is my dream coming true. I am so grateful for that and very much excited for what’s to come..

No Earplugs is my passion, motivation and my musical goldmine which I wanna share with you. It is stories, concerts and afterparties, backstage and signed LPs. No Earplugs is also „This is” series, long reviews of the concerts which are also my feelings and after-the-show-thoughts. It is luck, commitment and friendships. Most of all, No Earplugs is music, discovering new sounds, the excitement of finding another fantastic artist, late night listening sessions.. Jazz, avant-garde, hip-hop, free jazz, grindcore… all together and beyond.