Otomo Yoshihide Special Big Band

”Live at Shinjuku Pit Inn presents a more accessible side of Otomo’s activities, while confirming how, despite the unexpected success of Amachan, he continues to be a voracious, adventurous explorer of the musical unknown.”

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Special Big Band:

Otomo Yoshihide – guitar
Suzuki Hiroshi – saxophone
Egawa Ryoko – saxophone
Higashi Ryota – saxophone
Saito Kan – flute, piccolo flute
Inoue Nashie – clarinet, bass clarinet
Sato Shutoku – trumpet
Imagome Osamu – trombone
Kimura Jinya – tuba
Okuchi Shunsuke – accordion
Eto Naoko – piano, electric piano
Kondo Tatsuo – keyboards, harmonica
Kawai Shinobu – electric bass
Sachiko M – electronics, sinewaves
Kobayashi Takefumi – drums
Aikawa Hitomi – percussion
Uehara Nanae – marimba, percussion

Otomo Yoshihide is a musican with a direct approach. While his music has been truly wide-ranging ever since the early days of his career, there has been a common thread: he always approaches music in a straightforward way, based on a clear plan, without any ambiguity or concealment.

by Koji Murai, November 2015

(English translation: Cathy Fishman)